Some climate adaptation ideas - build canals - for the great city of Boston.

Boston’s solution to sea level rise

A report scheduled to be released Tuesday about preparing Boston for climate change suggests that building canals through the Back Bay neighborhood would help it withstand water levels that could rise as much as 7 feet by 2100. Some roads and public alleys, such as Clarendon Street, could be turned into narrow waterways, the report suggests, allowing the neighborhood to absorb the rising sea with clever engineering projects that double as public amenities.

The canal system was among the more imaginative solutions offered by some of the city’s leading planning, architecture, and engineering firms in a report compiled by the local chapter of the Urban Land Institute.

Other suggestions include raising the Harborwalk, which rings the waterfront, to act as a stronger barrier for nearby buildings, adding breakwaters in the harbor, and creating wetlands that would act as sponges during periods of high water.

The authors said the ideas are intended to show how the region can respond creatively to the dramatic effects of climate change.

Via Boston Globe


Hey, you there! Do you live in a residence dorm on Virginia Tech campus? Yes, you say? Well then, you will definitely want to participate in this fun, one-of-a kind COMPETITION that is about to kick start on campus NEXT WEEK! But wait—maybe you don’t live on campus? No problem, you should learn about this exciting new event anyway and help us spread the message to anyone that you know who does so they can bring their Residence Hall to ULTIMATE GLORY!


Starting Monday, October 20, 2014, The Office of Energy and Sustainability at Virginia Tech, in partnership with Students for Clean Energy at Virginia Tech and Housing and Residence Life is hosting the first annual TURN DOWN FOR WATT (TD4W) energy reduction competition.

All residence halls and houses on Oak Lane will be competing to reduce their energy usage the most, bring honor to their residence hall, and take home the 6-foot tall Green Man Trophy! Rumor has it that a sweet money fund will also be awarded to the winning building for them to use at their choosing. The hint is to participate in TD4W for the whole month and find out for yourself!

To switch things up, each week the competition will focus on a new energy saving theme. The themes are as follows:

Week 1

Mon. Oct 20 - Sat. Oct 25

Common Space and Lounge Electronics

“Black out and go to bed”

Week 2

Sun. Oct 26 - Sat. Nov 1

Unplugging Electronics

“Pull it out, think of your future!”

Week 3

Sun. Nov 2 - Sat. Nov 8

Full Loads of Laundry

“Always stick in a full load”

Week 4

Sun. Nov 9 - Fri. Nov 14

Turning Lights Off When You Leave

“No one likes being turned on and left”



Turn off your lights, unplug your electronics, and make your hall the GRAND CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!!

Stay updated, focused, and involved by joining the TD4W facebook event

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