In Peru, environmental activism comes with a threat of death

Death threats, rape threats, smears and stigmatization by the media, confiscation of equipment, electronic and physical surveillance, police using excessive force and arrests. 

And that’s just the beginning: Once you’re arrested, you can expect law enforcement to charge you with “rebellion, terrorism, violence, usurpation, trespassing, disobedience or resistance to an official order, obstructing police officers, abduction, outrage to national symbols, criminal damage, causing injury, coercion, disturbance or other public order offenses including obstructing roads.”

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Slime mold: It’s smarter than you think

This gooey, gelatinous amoeba might look pretty gross, but it’s changing the way we think of intelligence. Despite not having a brain, this slime can solve mazes, make healthy food choices and carefully navigate its environment. Amazingly, the 600 million-year-old organism has developed systems to remember, anticipate and make decisions without any central intelligence system.

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